Introducing our new logo!

Thanks to Jeannie, Steve’s girlfriend, Two Dog Farm has an awesome new logo. Jeannie came up with the original design and did the drawing for us. (Come to think of it, she came up with the farm name in the first place!) She enlisted the help of Debbie to work some computer magic to get the logo ready for use. And then she hand painted the logo onto a beautiful sign for us. Many thanks to both Jeannie and Debbie!

Elsewhere on the farm, the greenhouse is filling up. Tomatoes are getting put into bigger pots, lettuce is getting started weekly, and we are well into our regularly scheduled plantings of broccoli and other cabbage family members. As the spring marches in, we will be starting more and more seedlings until the greenhouse is so full we can’t move around in it anymore. There are two plantings of spinach and other greens coming along in the hoophouses, we should have spinach ready for harvest in a few weeks. The garlic is poking up, ready to get the mulch moved off, which Andrew volunteered to get started on — thanks Andrew! — and the blueberries are calling out to be pruned and mulched before the season progresses too far.

Speaking of volunteers, we’ve had other volunteers on the farm the last few weeks. A group of students from Stafford Technical Center came down and got some practice with woodsplitters, making a mound of firewood for next year’s sugaring operation.

We’re hitting the tail end of sugaring season. We’ve made about 440 gallons of really tasty syrup and we may have one night left. We’re pretty pleased with the results. Let us know if you are looking to purchase some, we’re happy to ship it out to you if you don’t live nearby.

Probably the most exciting happening, at least for the pigs, is their future move to a new home in the pasture. Steve has been working on fencing — the target date for the move is Sunday. They love rooting around, so we think they’ll be pleased now that the weather is warmer and they can run around and root to their hearts content. They are fat, happy pigs, as you can see in some of these shots, and very friendly and curious.

The cows, as usual, are hanging out being cows. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by for a visit!  — Sue

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