Summer is getting Started!

When this was composed yesterday, the thermometer was pushing into the 80’s. Today, it seems as though we’ve gone back three weeks in time with cool temperatures and gray skies! Sue and Steve are out late in the chilly winds getting some of that first cut of hay in. Come back summer!

Summer is upon us as the temperatures rise, thunder clouds threaten and tomatoes put their roots in the fields outside. The rainy weather and thunder storms that have plagued the state seem to part over our piece of Vermont and we are torn between wanting rain for our transplants and hoping for clear days and sunshine to make hay. Steve made the first cut of hay on Monday, but a brief rainstorm delayed the baling today. We’re crossing our fingers for a little more dry skies. Tomatoes, as well as corn, cantaloupe, summer and winter squash have all put their roots down in the fields outside with a massive transplanting push. The “instant garden” is an impressive sight and mouths drool with the thought of our hot weather fruits. Elsewhere, war wages on with woodchucks of the south hedge. Their favorite vegetable so far appears to brussels sprouts, with an entire bed systemically taken out plant by plant. Sydney bagged her first chuck of the season, but Steve maintains a lead on her, spending evenings in the field with his rifle. Sue is sweating it out in the greenhouse, sorting all of our seedlings out and seeding flats that will be our fall harvest.  A market marathon was held this past weekend with Sue choreographing each stand, assisted by Steve and Michael, as our seedlings, greens and maple syrup graced the Ludlow, Rutland and Dorset farmer’s market.

There are several new arrivals settling in at the farm. Michael, our second intern, and Garrett, a WOOFER, arrived last week and came just in time! Their enthusiasm, excitement and energy have been greatly appreciated as the work load widens and the days get longer. The various levels of experience keep new interesting questions coming and new conversation topics gracing the rows, hoop houses and fields. Also new to the farm are six new shoats (shoats are piglets that have been weaned). They don’t bring too many new topics to the table but dang they are entertaining and adorable! There are four Tamworth shoats, with shiny red coats, and two black mixes, with cute tan faces, all 6 t0 8 weeks old. Steve, Ben and Jess picked them up last Sunday in Wallingford and moved them to the farm. They’ve been adjusting well to their new environment, showing great enthusiasm for the new soil to root in and grass to eat, water dishes to flip over and shoes, knees, fingers and hair to nip at. Pigs are so fun to watch, providing great evening entertainment with their antics and personalities. They are very intelligent and have some canine tendencies that are hilarious to watch. We’re enamored. Check out their glamor shots! (Some of Michael and Garret as well :) ).

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Cows are cows, and they’re doing the best they can to keep up with the grass, moving from paddock to paddock following Steve and the white bucket. In the fridge at the produce stand is spinach, mixed greens, great big beautiful lettuce heads, and radishes!

Stop on by!


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2 Responses to Summer is getting Started!

  1. Jesse says:

    Looks great, Two Dog Crew! Thanks for keepin’ us posted.

  2. sherry says:

    THe lettuce this week was outstanding. It looked and tasted great.


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