It’s almost blueberry time!

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The blueberries are almost ready! They seem to be on track to begin ripening the week of the 4th of July. We will be picking for sale at Farmers Markets, at the farm stand here on the farm, and will be opening up for u-pick as well. Watch the sidebar on the website for the latest on the blueberry front, or call our ‘blueberry hotline’ at 802.293.5121 — we’ll keep our messages updated daily to let you know if the blueberries are ripe, if we are open for u-pick, and how the picking is. Our blueberries, like our vegetables, are certified organic.

Lots has been happening all around the farm since our last post. There are many new vegetables about to enter the CSA boxes and grace the farmers market stands — tomatoes and cucumbers in the hoophouses are starting to ripen, snap peas are days away from harvest, carrots and beets are starting to size up, and zucchini and summer squash have just entered into the fray. The abundance of summer has begun!

Elsewhere on the farm, it has been a challenging season for bringing in hay. For square bales you need at least three sunny breezy days in a row to dry the hay before you can bale it. That’s been a rare occurrence this month. We’ve had lots of unsettled weather and storms rolling through. This weekend we got the last of first cut in. Second cut is right around the corner.

We continue to have folks stop by to visit and help out. Laura, Jesse and Addis came by from Maine and spent some time with us in the gardens. Steve’s brother-in-law Tim came by on woodchuck patrol. And some of Steve’s friends came on Saturday and made it possible to get the final fields of hay in by stacking the hay wagons. Thanks, Mike, Brett and Jeremy, we wouldn’t have gotten the hay in before Sunday’s rain without you! We are so lucky to have folks help out, and really love to have the visitors to the farm.

Thought you might enjoy some recent photos around the farm taken by Jess, Garrett and I. Stay tuned, and come on by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood.   — Sue

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3 Responses to It’s almost blueberry time!

  1. Hanks Family Players says:

    I can’t believe your blueberries! Almost a month ahead of ours. Happy farming to all and MUCH love from Duluth, MN! xoxo

  2. emily says:

    oh how i wish i could come help you deal with all of those blueberries. i can remember coming down from the hill with a blue mouth after a morning of “picking”…one for me, two for the bucket. thanks for sharing the updates. :)

  3. Martha Heilemann says:

    Love the CSA this year… nice job and looking forward to more blueberries in tomorrows delivery.

    Martha & Rich Heilemann

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