About Two Dog Farm


Two Dog Farm is a privately run farm operating on leased land at Smokey House Center in Danby, VT. We have a commitment to land stewardship and producing quality products. Our long term goal is to work in collaboration with Smokey House Center to further its educational goals. Purchase of our products supports our farmers as well as a percentage of gross sales going to Smokey House Center.


Smokey House Center is a non-profit organization that practices sustainable farm and forest management, located on 5,000 acres in Danby, Vermont. For more information on Smokey House Center visit their website at www.smokeyhouse.org

Two Dog Farm produces and sells pure Vermont maple syrup, grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, hay, and certified organic vegetables, seedlings and blueberries. We sell at the farm, through CSA shares, and at the Rutland and Dorset Farmer’s Markets.

Our name comes from our canine companions, Syd and Boone, both of whom were homeless and now have truly found their own farm. They invited their people, farmers Sue Katt and Steve Cash, to come and join them.

Steve Cash hails from Bramanville, NY and has a background that includes working on beef and small grain farms, fighting wildfires in the American west, and a tree-planting bicycle trip across the country. In 2010 he followed Boone to Danby, VT and has been there since.

Sue Katt is a transplant from the Midwest. She has many years of experience in mixed vegetable and seedling production, as well as a great love for the outdoors and her dog. Syd and Sue moved to Vermont in 2008 to manage the farm at Smokey House Center, and launched Two Dog Farm in 2011 with Steve and Boone.

2 Responses to About Two Dog Farm

  1. jay swift says:

    Hello Steve,
    Got your link from Scott Cash. I am Judy’s brother in Atlanta and I own a small farm to table restaurant here. I love what you guys are doing. Very exciting. I have local sources for meat, fish and produce, but I would love to try some of your syrup. I use it a lot for cooking, especially in the fall, and also we’re are opening for brunch in the spring, and you can’t have brunch without great maple syrup! Do you ship? I would be more than happy to give you my credit card info and have it shipped if you do that. Let me know, otherwise congrats and good luck on the farm. Lovers of “real” and responsible food need people like you.
    jay swift

  2. Kathy Cherin says:

    Boone looks wonderful and happy. Grand Junction misses him and his mom Jeanie. This looks like a lovely place to live!

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