Organic Seedlings

greenhouse in early spring

We grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetable seedlings, for sale on the farm and at the Rutland and Dorset Farmer’s Markets, and at the Fresh Market in Manchester.  We use the ‘waste’ hot water from our sugar house to heat our greenhouse — in the last two years we didn’t use any propane to raise our seedlings.

We will be growing a wide variety of tomato seedlings, mostly heirlooms and a few other stand by’s and fun new varieties. We will also be growing a wide variety of other vegetable seedlings. The list below is not exhaustive! There’s more!

Heirloom tomatoes

Moskvich (60 days) Russian tomato, rich tasting 4-6 oz fruit, deep red, cold tolerant.

Yellow Perfection (70 days) Sensationally rich flavor in a small (2-3 oz) yellow fruit. Heavy yield that keeps coming throughout the summer.

Principe Borghese (70 days) Italian heirloom that is well suited for drying; fruits retain superb color and flavor when dehydrated. Bushy plants need support due to the heavy yields of 1-2 ounce plum-shaped red fruits. Determinate.

Black Prince (74 days) Beautiful mahogany brown color with a distinctively rich, fruity tomato flavor. 3-5 oz fruit. Has proven to be a great producer for us.

Rose de Berne (75 days) Dark rose-pink with great taste. 4-8 oz fruits.

Striped German (78 days) Large (12+ oz) beautiful yellow and red fruit with red centers. Complex, fruity flavor. Beautiful sliced.

Brandywine (78 days) One of the best tasting tomatoes. Large fruit (often over 1 lb) deep pink to red.

Wapsipinicon Peach (80 days) Heavy producer of 2″ (2 oz) round fuzzy yellow fruits. Sweet, juicy, well-balanced flavor.

Amish Paste (85 days) A long-time favorite heirloom plum. Large for a sauce tomato (8-12 oz), with excellent flavor. Good in salads as well as sauce. ** Note: if you bought Amish Paste from us last year, we are sorry to say that the seed wasn’t really Amish Paste. High mowing seeds sends their apology. Try it again!

Fun, more newly developed tomato varieties:

Cosmonaut Volkov (68 days) A Ukranian tomato that wins taste tests. Rich, complex 8-12 oz fruits, red with green shoulders. Produces even in cool conditions.

Green Zebra (72 days) Green striped 3-4 oz fruits. Delicious, tangy salad tomato, ripens to green with a yellowish blush with darker green stripes.

Indigo Rose (75 days) Very dark purple-red small (1-2 oz) fruit. Good flavor with ‘plummy’ overtones.

Ukranian Purple (80 days) From Ukraine. Plumshaped fruits are 3-4″ long and weigh 6 ounces. Great flavor, sweet and meaty. Plants are very productive.

Speckled Roman (85 days) Striking red sauce tomato with yellow streaks. Elongated plum type with 6-8 oz fruit. Very meaty, excellent flavor.

Other tomatoes:

Sun Gold cherry tomato (57 days) Exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine orange fruits with an intense fruity flavor. Very prolific and the taste can’t be beat.

New Girl (62 days) Very early red tomato with very good taste. 4-6 oz fruits.

Big Beef (70 days) Full flavored red tomato, 10-12 oz fruits.

Other veggies:

Sweet chocolate pepper (78 days ripe) Ripen a beautiful chocolate brown, very prolific sweet peppers.

Hot paper lantern hot pepper (90 days red ripe) Very hot habanero type, very productive.

Red rocket hot pepper (85 days red ripe) Medium hot, quick drying cayenne type.

Hungarian Hot Wax pepper (83 days red ripe) Changes from yellow to orange to red. Medium heat, thick fleshed.

We can’t guarantee that we will have every variety at every farmers market, so if you are looking for something in particular, get in touch, we are happy to put together an order for you. Email ahead early this spring for larger custom orders.

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