Pasture raised pork

As the darkness of winter recedes and spring comes, so too will piglets. Two Dog Farm will start the pigs just as Vermont’s infamous mud season opens. I suppose there’s no better time to get some pigs then when there’s already mud everywhere.  The animals will have the freedom to roam the pasture at will, though their diet will be made up in part by grain to insure their nutritional needs are met. Two Dog Farm is also planning on having the pigs forage on a field of sown root crops to experiment with some alternative feed options. Currently we are primarily selling pork sausage, which can be purchased at the farm stand or the Rutland and Dorset farmers markets.

happy pig

2 Responses to Pasture raised pork

  1. Jesse says:

    Dug into our share this evening with friends. It was GREAT! Thanks!

  2. Hanks Family Players says:

    Feed Me! Many blessings to the sweet beings whom I would respectfully turn into the world’s most delicious Carnitas. YUM!

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